Hello everyone! On behalf of all at the Meadows Festival Edinburgh, we are so extremely excited to announce that after a 2 year break due to the pandemic, the much loved Meadows Festival IS BACK for 2022 and just as amazing as ever! This year’s highly anticipated instalment will take place on its usual spot in the calendar; the first week of June, Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th.
Speaking of usual spots, the location of the festival has changed ever so slightly, due to increased licensing fees from the council (hence our announcement coming a lot later than we would have liked – apologies!) so you will now find us in Area 4 of The Meadows, which is on the East side of the park (image below) just follow the sounds of great music, smells of tasty food and the happy smiley faces of all those involved!
Due to the shorter timescales we now have of putting all the pieces together to bring you what promises to be an incredible two day event, the festival will be slightly scaled down in comparison to previous years. However, what it may lack in size, it will surely make up for in fun and all the much needed community vibes!
This means that we will not be running our usual bands application system for artists to perform on the Main Meadows Music Stage this year. However, we will be inviting bands and acts that have previously delivered great performances on our stage, along with sounding out other top local acts that are known to us – so you know it’s going to be good!
As always, this event isn’t just about us, it’s about YOU! There are many ways for you to get involved, either through volunteering to help out over the weekend so please fill in this form if you would like to volunteer at the festival
Also our stall applications have gone live and here are the links to the forms: 2022 Food Stall Applications…/1FAIpQLSd7gKEFEuEz…/viewform
if you have any questions regarding stalls please contact Adam Brown our Stalls Officer on
However, one of the best ways you can help is by attending and showing your support on the day! We also very much appreciate your kind and generous donations on the day even more than ever, with our entirely volunteer led, charity being hit hard during the pandemic. But through what has been a very difficult two years for us all, we at the Meadows Festival Edinburgh, are all seeking and craving that feeling of delivering another great community event at the start of the Scottish summer.
There will be much more info released over the coming days and weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! We can’t wait to welcome you back and look forward to seeing you IN PERSON then!
On behalf of all The Meadows Festival Edinburgh Trustees and Volunteers.
Neil Saddington
Meadows Festival Edinburgh

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