Hi everyone, the weekend of the Meadows is fast approaching and we’re getting super excited.
We’ve recently had a lot of messages on Messenger from folk asking about the possibility of their band playing at this year’s Festival. The Meadows Music group who organise the Main Stage would like to thank you all for your interest in playing. We will try to get round to replying to each of you individually.
Unfortunately, due to finding out very late in the day about a reduced license fee by moving the Festival to the East side of the Meadows this means we can’t operate our normal application system for bands.
When we decided two weeks ago that the Festival will definitely go ahead we also made the decision that this year’s line would be made up of bands that have graced the Meadows with amazing performances in the last 10 years & bands that are already known to us from the local live gig scene.
This was purely down to the tight time scales and the fact there wasn’t enough hours in the day to listen to over 300 applications which is the amount we receive every year.
So we’re sorry for all those folk who recently sent us music but once again due to the short timescale we had to go with predominantly acts that have played before or bands that are known to us through the local live music scene.
However, next year we will definitely be running the application system again. So keep your eyes peeled next January when we will launch the bands application for 2023.
We are now close to revealing the confirmed line up for 2022 and we’ve got some fantastic acts lined up for the weekend.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Neil, Liz, Alan & Julia- The Meadows Festival Edinburgh’s Main Stage Music Team

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